Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sessions 3-5

We're playing session six right NOW! Stonk, Ronson, Bolin are in the dungeon. Live bloggin' here.
Let's catch up with the preceding 3 sessions...

Session #3: Iommi is cured of spider poison via disgusting peasant remedy provided by Skullface (Bolin procures the cat's blood, Skullface's cute son Terry collects the pig shit and horse urine...) and/or Fingersnark's expensive potion they purchased. Then back in dungeon Iommi is impaled and killed by goblins. Then Ronson stabs goblin in face. End of session. 

Session #4: Statues and wererats. Stonk, human fighter, introduced.

Session #5: Terry, Skullface's son is abducted by goblins. Townsfolk are upset, blame party. Party returns to dungeon to look for treasure / rescue Terry. Ambushed by goblins, including one riding giant centipede. Centipede goes berserk, turns on goblins. Party enters second level. Oh and Bolin levelled up at beginning of session. Have discussion with fish in pool. Briefly explore some tunnels, meet seemingly benign pink jelly who begins following party, recovers magical hamburger from chest buried under fallen pillars, finds bottles of urine, Bolin falls victim to false door trap and is drunk and stinky. 

Session #6.... here we go

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Adventure update(s) coming soon, but first...

How come our gaming sessions can't look this cool??

Let's step it up, next week!