Saturday, August 29, 2009

Getting started

I've created this blog as the "online presence" of our nascent D&D campaign, as Dungeon Master I'll be able to post about house rules, make notes on each adventuring session (with comments from the players) and also provide info on the game-world, important NPCs, etc. To get started, I'm just going to post a bunch of images that I find inspirational for the sort of D&D I'd like to play, to help establish the mood I'm going for with this, I guess. Mostly taken from old school gaming materials, in particular artwork by (of course) the genius Erol Otus and his modern-day simulacra, Pete Mullen (a drawing, "The Entrance", by whom I stole for the blog header above, and who did the two color pieces below - click on them for the full images).

By the way, I named the blog Dungeon Trippers but that's not necessarily the name of the campaign, I figured we'd come up with that later as a group if we want. Or we'll just name it after the campaign locale once I decide on that. Actually Dungeon Trippers is really the name I came up with for the retro-clone of The Fantasy Trip that I hope someone will do. (With Starship Trippers as the sci-fi version). Plus even if this campaign doesn't work out I could still keep blogging here about FRP using that name I suppose...

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