Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Session 8: somewhat spooky

Tentative notes from last session by Nick:

After returning Terry safely back to his parents, the companions receive a map from Skullface showing the location of a Tower and a town, somewhere to the east. They, along with their faithful retainers Lert and Danth, set out on the four day journey to the Tower. The journey is fairly uneventful, except for the exceptional sighting of a red dragon flying overhead on their second night's camp. The dragon passed them with no breath-weapon barbequeing or claw-ripping of flesh, thanks to the quick dousing of their campfire. They arrive in the town of ????? [Loamville - DM] to find it completely deserted and somewhat spooky. There is an inn that the companions explore. I think at one point inside the inn giant rats [actually, they were bats - DM] were fought? They break open the inn's strongbox and discover a note, the contents of which I currently can't remember, but it hinted at a cache of money/treasure hidden somewhere. There is also a stable housing three horses and another building the function of which I can't remember either [it was a chapel - DM]. The companions are currently deciding whether or not to take the horses and head to the Tower or continue exploring the town. I think that's pretty much all that happened, but I'm probably forgetting a lot of stuff.

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